August 11, 2019

Sarah enjoyed the teen room where her friends could all visit her in a smaller room.

The teen room was closed for the weekend, so Sarah entertained us by reading a story from the kid play room.

She stayed up in the wheelchair with her brace in for 7 hours!! The energizer bunny figured out how to maneuver herself with her one good limb, doing laps in the waiting room and another trip down to the gift shop.

Sarah continued to comfort everyone else, making us all laugh and making everyone feel special.

When the girls were young I started telling them at bed, ‘Out of all the little girls in the world, How did I get the very best ones?’ I have truly been blessed that God let me have them for these last 18 years.

Sarah had a great day today, but was exhausted! Thank you so much to those who let their children love on my daughter. She loves each and every one who comes. She had wheelchair races, played cards and finally retired to her room for a nap. She ‘shushed’ mom and I during her sleep and later after the nurse woke her up and heated up her grilled cheese, she fell back asleep holding it! I hope she sleeps well tonight!

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