August 19, 2019

I wrote this 4 days after the funeral, 12 days after the accident.

You can watch the video here:

If you don’t know, 2 of my 3 daughters were killed in a car accident on August 7th.  Many hard days are ahead and I know that they are in a better place, but the hole in my heart is still there. 

I invite you to join me in my journey of putting the pieces of our life back together, and the things/people that I couldn’t do it without.

One of the things I want to share is how we couldn’t make it without the community of friends and family and people we don’t even know. The only way we have made it through this far, is because of our community.    Even though I know that’s the correct word, I looked up the definition of community.  One definition said a community is a group of people that live in the same place.  That’s not the kind of community I mean. 

‘The process of community organizing is a dynamic one with few rigid guidelines, suggesting that the functions of a community organizer require flexibility, creativity and excellent leadership skills. Community organization aims to organize, mobilize and educate people to build a sense of community..’ Although I can see these qualities in ‘my community’, it still pales in comparison to what ‘my community’ is.

Yes, my community functioned with flexibility, creativity and leadership skills surpassed by any other.  They were what we needed, when we needed it.  My Mom called them the ‘magic express’.  If you needed something, just say so, and it would show up, or would be taken care of.

My community took over the waiting room at the hospital and greeted everyone who came out the door (whether they were visiting us or not) to make sure we didn’t have too many people in our room at once. My community slept in the waiting room, just in case we needed something.

My community brought, and continues to bring food whenever it is needed, wherever it is needed.

My community held us up in prayer, from the first moment, my community found a wheelchair and potty chair so we could leave the hospital.

My community prayed so much as we were headed home to a now empty house, that we not only held it together as we drove in the driveway, but as we went in the house.  My community prayed so much that God orchestrated what needed to happen for the rest of that day.  My community was orchestrated to show up at the same moment we did, even though we didn’t think we wanted anyone there for the first time we showed up.  Because my God knew what we needed.

My God planted friends with us at the funeral home when we had to make some hard decisions.   My God orchestrated so many things throughout this time that I will share individually in other videos.

My community stood up at the funeral and graveside and did a hard thing, talking about my girls, leading songs, reading scriptures.

My community allowed us to stretch some peoples comfort zones in the way we wanted to honor our girls.

My community showed up in force to honor my girls.

My community is full of friends, friends I’ve met, friends I’ve never met, friends that I met through my business community.  Friends who donated and drove miles to come to the funeral.  Friends that started as customers, that I never would have met.  My community is full of people who knew my girls, or didn’t know my girls, because God is good and uses every good thing.  My community is full of Godly amazing people who will continue to pray and lift us up.  

My community can’t be described in a few words of a definition.  Unless you use the word love.  My community is possible, because of the amazing father in heaven who knows our hearts, knows our hurts, and loves us all.  I don’t know how anyone can make it through these kinds of trials, without that kind of community.  We want to thank you all!

And if you don’t have a community, and want one, I’d love to help you discover your community, because I couldn’t make it without mine!

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