August 20, 2019

Update on Sarah and Little Things Matter

I wrote this on August 20, 2019 You can watch the video here:

Sarah had a doctors appointment with the orthopedic doctor,  

I knew it would be expensive, but had NO idea how expensive it would be!  They had us fill out ‘papers’ on a tablet and then it came up with an invoice for the day.  It was $1960!!!  I figured maybe they were doing X-rays and that was why.

Sarah  thought she was getting stitches out, and had heard some stories from other people and was scared to get them out.

The nurse came in and said, they would take out the stitches today and rewrap her arm and leg.  I said, ‘$2000 to take out stitches????

After they took the stuff off, she didn’t have any external stitches, so Sarah was glad.  AND she DID get to have a hard cast on her leg, which she was hoping for, so she could get people to sign it.

One of the stories I wanted to tell was around Sarah’s glasses and a ring.

After the accident, Sarah kept asking about this ring that one of her best friends had given her.  It was on a chain around her neck and she had pieces of the chain, but not the ring.

Robert had been out at the car and went through every inch, trying to find that ring for her, to no avail.  Later Robert went to the crash site and was looking at it, trying to figure out how the accident happened and started looking around.  They found Sarah’s glasses on the side of the road.  Just a little bent, but not bad. 

Robert walked out in the road and found Sarah’s ring pressed down in the road, around a rock, without a scratch.  Just a simple thing, that meant a lot to Sarah, was preserved for her.  God takes care of even the little things.

The joke is that taking care of Sarah is like taming a wild horse!

The doctor said she would go back in a month and get a boot next.  And would be back to normal in 6 weeks.  It’s hard to believe that.  But that doesn’t include her other injuries.  They didn’t do any x-rays, we only saw the doctor for maybe 2 minutes!  That’s one expensive doctor!!  I can only imagine how much the hospital for Sarah and Aranza will be.

But God will provide.

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

God knows you have financial needs and will supply your every need. He knows that sometimes it’s hard to pay the bills. He knows it’s hard to sometimes get ahead. He knows what we’re going through and what a challenge it is.

God knows, but he always has a plan!  Thank you for being part of God’s plan, whether it’s praying for us, bringing food, visiting or donating.  You are ALL part of God’s plan!

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