August 13, 2019

We had to wait until Sarah was out of the hospital before we could plan the funeral. We decided to have the viewing right before the funeral so we could just do it all at once. People started showing up before 1PM. There was standing room only, the church building opened up their extra rooms and the balcony and allowed us to have a meal afterwords with anyone that wanted to stay. It was important to us to be able to visit with everyone over a meal. That’s one thing the girls agreed with us about. We always thought it was important for the family not to be isolated from everyone, but joining all together in a meal.

Sarah and I stayed at the back of the church and greeted people. Sarah didn’t want to see the girls again. After seeing them during the viewing, she didn’t want to see them again. Neither did I. I didn’t think it looked like them, so after the viewing I had large pictures printed at Sam’s and had someone pick them up and frames to have by the caskets, and in the lobby. The pictures with their beautiful smiles and laughter are how we wanted to remember them.

We sang songs that praised God, not your typical ‘funeral’ songs. Songs that were important to the girls. Some days I can sing those songs, and some days I can’t. They loved to sing, all the time, anywhere we were.

In another post I’ll talk more about the girls ride to the cemetary. Robert and a friend built a frame in the back of a pickup for them to be taken on ‘one more ride’ in the back of a pickup.

We had several people speak about the girls, and then had the graveside service where the girls friends read verses that were either the girls favorites, or their favorites. Everything was as perfect as it could be.

If you’d like to see it, you can find the whole ceremony here:

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